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Capitalization by APA Style

Use Title Case capitalization for summarizing content:

  • This is in general first heading on a screen
  • Capitalize all words with more letters than 3

Use Sentence Case capitalization for everything else.

Here you can find all regulations: APA Style.

Front-loaded information

Start with the highest information value

That’s how users can identify the objective with an initial glance at the beginning.

1 – Objective:
2 – User action

Active voice

Write in an active voice

This makes a clear and short sentence structure.

Short text blocks

Focus on a small number of key concepts

Divide long sentences into several sentences according to their key concepts

Use bullets and numbered lists for enumerations


Avoid exclamation and question marks

Avoid these characters. The text you’re writing should always be in a matter-of-factually way. Using those characters might bring to much enthusiasm to the text.

  • Use exclamation marks only to highlight content that should not be over-read by users.
  • Use only 1 exclamation/question mark per component.
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