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Just as you have only one voice to speak with, also DocuWare has only one voice that should never change. The voice is the personality of our product.

Our users perceive DocuWare as a professional and informative product, while our voice remains at an approachable eye level with our users.

DocuWare is perceived as professional, informative and approachable

Professional and informative

Writing in a professional voice means being clear, concise, and seeking to convey information and ideas quickly. Give every word in your text a specific purpose, and don’t use superlatives like “best,” “least,” or “most.” Nevertheless, be informative and write descriptively if needed so that also complex topics are well received by our users.


Use everyday business language and talk to our users on eye level. We stay responsive to them by writing positively and addressing them personally, but never in an insensitive way.

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