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If the voice is our product’s personality, then the tone is how we express that.

According to our voice also, our tone is rather serious and respectful. We speak matter-of-factly but still want to encourage our users when, e.g., they fulfilled a task successfully by using a more excited tone. Our approach is a conversational way of writing.

Voice is our personality, tone is our mood

The following chart expresses the DocuWare tone of voice.

On the point

Avoid language that’s overly opinionated, funny, or trendy. Don’t try to be funny by using jokes, and slang. We provide a professional and serious product and should also speak like this.

Matter-of-factly but positive

We are excited about our product and should also share this enthusiasm but in moderation. Describe only the important information, without superlatives, and avoid exclamation and quotation marks.


Keep the tone encouraging and address the user directly. We are speaking to our users in a conversational tone. Our voice is professional, but when using a conversational tone, sometimes saying “can’t” sounds more natural instead of “cannot” or the other way around.

Polite and friendly

Treat our users respectfully and politely. Irreverent writing could be misleading.

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