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Guidelines and resources to create DocuWare digital interfaces



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A layout design guideline is a design concept used for organizing and maintaining the consistency and structure of design elements and the layout of the product.

Layout Properties


  • Margin: The margin is the space in relation to other surrounding components
  • Padding: The padding is the space between the UI components and their children


  • Width: The width of a component
  • Height: The height of a component
  • Border: The components stroke
  • Radius: The length of a circle or sphere


  • X: The horizontal position of the component
  • Y: The vertical position of the component
  • Z: The z-axis of the component

Layout Types

Clear communication

The flexible layout structure enables content to be conveyed clearly and precisely. Whether filling the entire space or subdivided into several areas, the layout’s division is geared toward the content of the message to be conveyed.

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