DocuWare Design

Guidelines and resources to create DocuWare digital interfaces



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Loading in DocuWare products should be:​

  • Fast
  • Meaningful
  • Focused




  • Avoid using spinners as placeholders

Content should always be meaningful. If spinners are needed, they should be placed where it’s easy for users to understand what is loading, or they should be used alongside labels. It helps draw attention to the content about to appear rather than the spinner itself.


  • Avoid empty views with spinners

Empty views with spinners can confuse users, provide low value and cause them to become passive and withdraw.


  • Avoid false expectations about loading time

People will likely be frustrated and give up on their tasks if loading times exceed 10 seconds. Expectations should always be clear and allow users to make an informed decision to wait. Designers need to add value to the loading process or communicate upcoming value to increase the likelihood that users will continue to engage with the task.


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