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How to begin

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A Design System is a collection of rules, principles, constraints, and best practices for design and code, along with components that unify both practices.

The design does not scale smoothly, and efficiency doesn’t emerge from thin air. So DocuWare Design Teams created a catalog of the reusable items in the product.

This includes patterns, colors, text styles, icons, grid systems, and even interactions, which Designers, Developers, Product Owners, Product Managers, and other stakeholders and participating roles should consider in the Product Development processes.


Begin with the following:

  1. Explore the Guidelines to learn the DocuWare product design patterns and principles.
  2. Familiarise yourself with DocuWare Tone of Voice and Writing Guidelines for the user interface copy and microcopy.
  3. Review the Components section to enlighten yourself with the existing components which can incorporate into your designs.
  4. Check the Patterns, architecture, and usage principles.
  5. Learn about Accessibility and Inclusivity guidelines.
  6. Access the UI Library and design Tokens.


Use the design system for the following purposes:

  1. Get an overview of styling and interaction guidelines of the user interface Components and Patterns.
  2. Review the Components' and Patterns' visual representation and documentation.
  3. Get access to the Angular-based components library and code snippets.
  4. Get access to the UI library with Styles and Design Tokens.
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