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Purpose and Goals

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The DocuWare Design system’s primary purpose is to increase product development efficiency. 

  • With a consistent design language in place, it becomes easier to design products at scale that are consistent in aesthetics, user interface, and user experience.
  • DocuWare also promotes collaboration through the Design System since handoffs across distributed teams become easier.



We strive to save time and energy by letting designers and developers focus on more important topics of usability, flows, and user needs. In addition, standardized, reusable components support collaboration, reinforce branding and provide a consistent look and user experience.


Our goal is to create and provide perceivable, operable, understandable, and robust products for all kinds of users around the globe. Kinetic Design System establishes guidelines and requirements to empower the DocuWare products’ inclusivity and accessibility.


Design System is a living creature that evolves with technologies and user needs. Our UX team constantly expands and improves the design possibilities keeping DocuWare products in line with market and user demands.


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Bias-Free Language

General guidelines for writing about people without biases


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