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Guidelines and resources to create DocuWare digital interfaces



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  • Capitalize every first letter
  • Use a maximum of 3 words (if possible)
    (1) Verb – (2) Object
  • When referring to a button:
    Refer only to the label of the button without mentioning the component “button”
  • Write title matching buttons
  • Don’t use punctuation
  • Name the specific action the button will trigger


Buttons for a saving dialog

Button label pairs

  • Choose button labels that widely differ from another, if there are 2 or more buttons displayed on a screen

Suggestions for label pairs

Save changes dialog

Leave | Stay
Verlassen | Bleiben

Discard | Save Changes
Verwerfen | Änderungen speichern

Reset | Keep Changes
Zurücksetzen | Änderungen behalten

Delete | Keep Changes
Löschen | Änderungen behalten

Confirm actions within a wizard – amount of following steps is predicted.

Back | Next
Zurück | Weiter

Previous | Next
Vorherig | Weiter

Confirm actions within a wizard – process can be paused and continued later.

Back | Continue
Zurück | Fortsetzen

Previous | Continue
Vorherig | Fortsetzen

Last/final actions within a wizard

Done – (Intermediate)

Finish – (For very end of flow)

Button that comes with a checkbox with content like: “I have read and agree”

Submit – (User agrees on something and sends the agreement)

Confirm – (User only agrees on something without actual sending)

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