Make design unboring


American English
  • Write in American English
    American English has fewer regional accents and dialects to consider. Therefore it’s more internationally used than British English.





Product names
  • Stick to the product names
    Using different terms for the same function confuses our users in their actions. If you are unsure on how to write a term properly, you*ll find crucial DocuWare terms here.

Intelligent Indexing


Plain and simple
  • Write plain and simple
    Users benefit from having text at a lower reading level when reading on a screen. In addition, our users are a broad group with different educational levels. To ensure that a text is well readable and accessible, keep your text plain and use simple words. If you are unsure if your text is well readable, you can check it with the
    Hemingway Editor.



Simple language
  • Avoid technical jargon
    When writing about a topic you are familiar with, keep in mind the
    specific persona you want to address. Technical jargon might not be understandable for all of our users. Try to write out the information instead of using jargon.

The parameter {0} could not be restored, or the value of it is not correct.

The formatter threw an exception while trying to deserialize the message {0}

  • Write only information that has value to the user

Press “Save”.

Press the “Save” button.

  • BUT: Write out what is happening even if this makes the text longer

After updating your password, you will be logged out automatically. Use your new password to log in again.

This action will trigger a new login process.

  • Write in a serious way
    Don’t try to be humorous or write in too casual or irreverent ways. Writing like this could mislead our users and don’t fit a business product like DocuWare.

No open document

Sorry, something went wrong. Please try again.

It’s a bit quiet in here.

Oops.. you broke it! Just kidding. Try again.

  • Write positive
    Avoid negative words like:
    • Can’t
    • Don’t

The thumbnail appears when it has a record associated.

The thumbnail doesn’t appear if there is no record associated.

  • Use the opposite adjective to create a positive statement

Use unique names.

Do not use duplicated names.

  • Don’t accuse the user of doing something wrong

Enter an email address.

You did not enter an email address.

  • Address users directly

  • Write to users in the second person (“you or “your”)

    Use this style when DocuWare

    • Speaks to the user directly

    • Asks to provide specific user information

Enter your DocuWare organization name.

Enter the DocuWare organization name.

  • Don’t combine the first and second person in the same sentence

Change your preferences in the account settings.

Change the preferences in your “My Account”.

  • Write numerals to express numbers
    Users scan rather than read. Writing out numbers in proper words can slow them down in their action.

You have 3 new tasks.

You have three new tasks.

  • Write integer if no decimal places are required

    Users can easily feel overwhelmed when faced with a large number of, e.g., documents they have stored. Using an abbreviation instead of displaying the concrete number reduces the cognitive load of our users and lowers their stress level. In addition, less space in the UI is required by using an abbreviation.

    1 – Numeral
    2 – Space
    3 – Integer
    4 – + (optional if the number is greater than the integer can express)

10 K

1 of 1,56 M+


1 / 1,567,000