Make design unboring


  • Keep long translations in mind
    By making all UI components expandable you can make sure that even longer translations can be displayed (e.g. Spanish, or German)

  • Think about date and number formats
    Different countries may have different date and number formats.

  • Avoid capitalization of non-DocuWare terms
    This may cause translation errors because translators would expect to not translate capitalized terms

Gendered language
  • Use the plural to avoid gendered language
    Many languages lack gender-inclusive options. If gender-neutral language isn’t possible, then choose the expression that’s most understandable.
    DocuWare is not a gender-specific product and can be used by a variety of users. Therefore, we must avoid gender-specific pronouns and instead use the “you” or plural form to address our users.

“{0}” cannot be matched to existing users.


“{0}” cannot be matched to any existing user.

  • He/him/his

  • She/her/hers