Make design unboring

Repetitions and Overuse

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  • Try to avoid repetitive words

  • Try to shorten your message and avoid using additional words if the term is self-explanatory.

    • Do: Create File Cabinet

    • Don’t: Create File Cabinet Configuration

Don’t overuse “Sorry” ​
  • Use sorry only in error messages that result in serious problems for the user (for example, data loss, a screen freeze, or the need to contact Customer Support).

    • Example: Sorry, but you must exit and log in again. 

    • Avoid: Sorry, but you must supply a search string of at least two characters.

  • Before you use Sorry in UI text, ask if a design change could avoid the situation.

Don’t overuse “Please”
  • Use Please when it is a problem occurs which user can not solve themself

  • Write “Please” to lower the stress level of the user.

Don’t overuse “DocuWare”
  • Use DocuWare only when it is difficult to understand or evaluate belongingness.