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In most cases, the second person is best. It fits DocuWare’s casual, conversational tone to refer to the reader directly. Exceptions can be made for specific types of writing, such as whitepapers and press releases.

Not sure whether it’s My projects or Your projects? It can be fuzzy, so sometimes, we aren’t either! For best results, avoid using minemy, or your in UI copy.

If you need to use minemy, or your, the rule of thumb is to think of the UI as a conversation between the system and the user.

If the system is presenting information to the user, such as in a dialog box, then your is more appropriate, because it’s like saying “Here are your things”, or “What would you like to do?” If the user is performing an action, such as clicking a button or a link, then mine/my is more appropriate, because it’s like saying “Show me my stuff!”


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