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Getting Started

Learn about DocuWare design principles and goals.


Share your ideas and suggestions with us and other DocuWare users.


Check UI resources for designing user-centric and intuitive apps.

Design Language

Design and development resources, guidelines, components, and tools


What are Components? The most crucial part for creative designers is the components that can

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Buttons - components, used to initialize an action.


Microcopy Label Keep it short Write for a


How to communicate with Dialogs in mind? Dialogs


Microcopy Use sentence case capitalization according to APA


Microcopy Write descriptive and unique text for each


Loaders are progress indicators informing about status.

Design Guidelines

Design guidelines are rules of thumb on how to apply design principles.

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Design System
Design System

What is the role of the design system

How to begin
How to begin

How to start using the design system?


Organization and maintenance of the consistency and structure

Writing Guidelines

How to Write consistently? The DocuWare Writing Guidelines express how we speak to our users

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Gendered Language

Methods to write for and about other people


Principles and techniques for effective localization.

Product Tester Program

Want to share your feedback and discuss your ideas with other users?

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Want to share your feedback and discuss your ideas with other users?

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